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All the other logos and/or trademarks (for example, airlines names and logos) are owned by their respective owners and MAH does not claim any rights on them. They are used with the sole purpose of identifying MAH's services (selling eTicket) through the official channels.

Sales of tickets

MAH can provide the final users with heavily discounted tickets because it pre-buys, several months in advance, tickets from the major airlines for the biggest south east asian destinations.
MAH tries to choose the shortest routes and the best possible days, but for obvious reasons, tickets are limited, and once they are sold, MAH cannot buy more.
For this reason, sometimes in the search results MAH will show something like "5 tickets left", because tickets are limited by the number MAH bought in the previous months.

Guarantees for the user

Usually, all the low-cost online tickets are not refundable and cannot be changed.
However, MAH provides a better service for its users.
In particular, these are 3 guarantees that MAH gives to its users:
1) Once bought, tickets can be 100% refunded NO QUESTIONS ASKED if the buyer so decide. Any request made after 24h from the purchase will not be fulfilled.
2) If, within 30 days from the purchase, the user finds a cheaper ticket from a legitimate website and/or from the official airline website, MAH will reimburse the user with the difference between the price paid and the lower price
3) Correcting spelling mistakes: if the user needs to fix a spelling mistake and/or for example the user needs to change the passport number because he/she got a new one, the user will be able to do so on its own, 100% free, until 48h before the departure.


When an internet user buys a ticket from MAH, he/she is stipulating a buying contract with MAH, based in Singapore.
This contract is enforced in Singapore, the legal country in which MAH has been registered, and both the user and MAH must agree to follow Singapore laws of ecommerce, so called ETA/1998 (Electronic Transactions Act 1998). More information can be found at http://www.singaporelaw.sg